The Well-Tempered Garden by Christopher Lloyd

I am starting with this as when I’m stuck this is generally the first book I turn too. I was first introduced to the writing of Christopher Lloyd by my amenity horticulture lecture, Richard Bisgrove, as an undergraduate and I have been a fan, particularly of this book, ever since. This is not so much a ‘how to do’ book’ as a ‘how to think’ book. Far too much published in the name of gardening is a repeat of ‘now do this, now do that’ (copied from innumerate books of the same ilk and with the same errors repeated!) with little thought about why you are doing it an for what purpose. With Christopher it was written principally from personal experience, mistakes and all, and when not he is careful to state so.

First published back in 1970 with a revised edition published in 2001 this was, I believe, his first book having been writing of country life from 1963. By virtue of its age some so of the technical details are a bit dated but that is not as important as the underlying garden philosophy which is as relevant now as it was when first written. The 2001 edition is now, I believe, out of print but the book was sold in sufficiently large numbers that used copies can be very readily found.

I was told one day all gardens will be kept like this, hopefully many more gardening literature will be written liked this.

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