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This page is a collection of short articles in which I hope dispel some of the myths and misunderstandings you hear about gardening.

Garden Myths: Number 11

Peonies will not flower for years after you move them.

I have moved peonies at all times of the year and they have continued flowering without interruption; and I am not alone in this observation. They do object to being planted too deeply, and this will stop their flowering; so care should be taken to ensure when planting them to ensure the new and existing soil levels are matched up.

Garden Myths: Number 12

Clematis need lime.

It is an old belief that clematis need plenty of lime, and it was often recommended that mortar rubble should be buried under a clematis when planting one. I have also heard people claim a clematis growing in clay soil was only succeeding because it was against brick wall, no doubt ignoring the Rhododendron growing beside it! The fact is clematis aren’t that fussy regarding soil and will happily grow any reasonable garden soil.

Garden Myths: Number 13

Lawns are less work than borders.

No, but they take less thought on the part of the reluctant garden. Just think about the time you spend following the lawn mower up and down the garden every year. Now compare this to how much time you spend looking after an established border of similar area. Initially the border does take more time, effort and thought; but once established it should take a fraction of the time the lawn does.

Garden Myths: Number 14

It’s a dwarf conifer!

Gardens are littered with 6 metre high conifers with a small group of rocks around its base. Invariably this is the last resting place of a garden rockery with a dwarf conifer planted in it. For some reason people have no problem with seeing an oak seeding will grow into a tree but when looking at a small conifer plant they think it will stay small. There are in fact only a couple of truly dwarf conifers and they are not very common, all the rest are little conifers which just haven’t grown yet.

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