Dodecatheon pulchellum subsp. pulchellum 'Red Wings'

This is a collection of gardens I have visited over the years and my feeling about them. That may seem a rather self-obsessed idea but in truth gardens, or at least the good ones are. The thing that links gardens, all gardens, is that someone (or on rare occasions a couple) decide to create something entirely for themselves. It doesn’t matter if we are talking above a window box or acres of land the thing is someone created it as a form of self-expression to provide themselves with pleasure. Nearly all are lost and remade by subsequent gardeners but a few have been preserved for future generations. The thing is are these any longer gardens when the creators have gone? I’m not saying some gardens shouldn’t be preserved but with the best will in the world they are going to lose that certain something once they stop evolving. You are then no longer seeing a garden but a kind of living museum; no more a garden but now a snapshot of the creator and the time they lived in.

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