Red Poppy

Everyone wants to make the garden theirs’s and stamp some personality onto it. This is a great thing and makes the garden unique but without careful thought and planning a lot of time and money can be wasted. This collection of articles is intended to provide some helpful pointers in the right direction.

Articles about make a garden your own:

  • To begin at the beginning!

    In the coming posts I’ll walk you through the problems associated with starting a new garden. I grant only a small number of people are at anyone time in this position but it will illustrate how a garden develops, provides … Continue reading

  • To sow or turf

    Once we have decided to create a lawn one important question has to be tackled – are you going to do it by sowing grass seed or by turfing and each has its pros and cons.   Sowing: Cheaper More … Continue reading

  • Turfing a lawn

    It’s often said that you don’t need to prepare the ground for turfing as well as if it is to be sow. I don’t believe this is the case as in both cases the better the area is prepared the … Continue reading

  • Types of garden walls

    Free standing The simplest walls are free standing and these are normally used when boundaries are walled. In the UK garden walls above 2 metres high, unless they face the public highway when its 1 metre, require planning permission. That … Continue reading

  • Utility areas

    Most gardens end up with an area for the bits you would rather not show off; where pots, wheel barrows and the like need to be stored. These areas need to be kept clean and tidy, so the paving needs … Continue reading

  • Walling Materials

    Historically walls have tended to be built from the nearest suitable materials and this has to very individual regional building styles. Since the advent of modern mass transport this has begun to be broken down; except where local planning restrictions … Continue reading

  • What to put in the garden

    By now we’ve got the garden under control and we can take time to consider what we are going to do with it in the longer term. I can’t give a list of what to put in as every garden … Continue reading

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