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Everyone wants to make the garden theirs’s and stamp some personality onto it. This is a great thing and makes the garden unique but without careful thought and planning a lot of time and money can be wasted. This collection of articles is intended to provide some helpful pointers in the right direction.

Articles about make a garden your own:

  • Keeping a lawn healthy

    Ideally a lawn should be cut three times a week and the height should be reduced by no more than a third at any one time. In practice the first is never going to happen in a private garden, but … Continue reading

  • Making a seed/turf bed

    Having selected a suitable machine and made sure you are familiar with how to operate it; the time has come to get our hands dirty. Before you go diving in stop a moment and take time to create a plan … Continue reading

  • Parts of a Wall

    Garden walls are constructed from 5 distinct elements: Subgrade Foundation Walling materials Mortar Coping   The first, the subgrade, is the ground the entire structure stands upon and so its stability and load bearing ability determines on whether the wall … Continue reading

  • Path design

    Paths need a purpose. They have to take you somewhere. Of course this journey is not necessarily a physical one; many of the greatest journeys are ones of the mind. The upshot of this is that before “putting a path … Continue reading

  • Paving materials

      The trick when designing your patio is to make it blend into the surrounds while adding to them. To do this you are free to use every trick in the book. You can use materials which contrast with their … Continue reading

  • Sitting out in the garden

    One of the most popular pastimes in gardens is sitting out enjoying any warm weather the British climate affords us. At its simplest this could be just relaxing on a lawn, but soon you will be looking for something a … Continue reading

  • Sowing a lawn

    Measure the area to be made into a lawn, BEFORE you set off and read my post “The great grass seed swindle!” I won’t repeat myself here but I would rate knowledgeable sales staff as being way more important than … Continue reading

  • Tackling the weeds

    Yes you could dig them out with a garden fork, and you set out into the garden, fork in hand, and a heart full of spirit. About 10 minutes later some of the shine is going to start coming off … Continue reading

  • The main wall building materials

    Brick One of the oldest and most durable building materials; its variability, flexibility, durability and strength has made a ubiquitous walling material. Traditionally made from dried earth the centuries of use and development has lead to a very sophisticated produce … Continue reading

  • The minor wall building materials

    Metal Though important in building is garden use is rather limited but can if used carefully can be very effective. The term metal encompasses a vast range of material, many used since ancient times, and the suitability of a particular … Continue reading

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