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Everyone wants to make the garden theirs’s and stamp some personality onto it. This is a great thing and makes the garden unique but without careful thought and planning a lot of time and money can be wasted. This collection of articles is intended to provide some helpful pointers in the right direction.

Articles about make a garden your own:

  • A patio to eat out on

    As foreign travel has increased, so has our appreciation of the continental lifestyle; and with it the idea that the garden can be an extension of the home. This has lead to an increase in the appeal of eating out … Continue reading

  • Buying for the garden

    One of biggest problems that retailers selling to gardeners have is names. Plant names, chemical names, compost names, what ever they try to sell to gardeners there always seems to be some impenetrable name between the product and the customer. … Continue reading

  • Choosing paving materials

    With the vast range of possible paving materials it can feel a bit daunting when you first starting looking at paving materials. To try to reduce the selection down to a more manageable size, it is well to consider the … Continue reading

  • Cultivating the ground

    Ok, so we’ve decided to put the garden down to grass and decided if we are going to use seed or turf. Now it time to start. Get your weed killer out and CAREFULLY read the instructions. This will tell … Continue reading

  • Cutting back – the plan

    Before reaching for the pruning tools you need a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve and in the context of this post it is a healthy plant which fits both physically and aesthetically into its location in … Continue reading

  • Cutting your new lawn

    Now you have got the garden down to grass you have time to get on with the other pressing jobs about the house while you think about what you are going to do with the garden. Obviously the new lawn … Continue reading

  • Drive design

    With drives, probably more than any other thing in gardens, the most important thing is it actually functions as the drive. No mater how nice it may look if it does work as a drive it is a waste of … Continue reading

  • Drive dimensions

    This is a short collection of notes on the dimensions of a private drive. These are for guidance only and should be checked before being used. Local regulations and restrictions may apply and you should check before starting any work. The drive … Continue reading

  • Feed for health

    As I have said before, the vast majority of domestic lawn problems come down to its feeding. That is not to say you can’t over feed a lawn, most people will have seen a lawn scorch where a heap of … Continue reading

  • Garden walls

    The wall is one of the oldest manmade structures, and its use in gardens is as old as gardens themselves. The word comes from the West Saxon weall which in itself comes from the Latin vallum meaning a rampart and … Continue reading

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