Chatsworth House

Sculpture on the cascade at Chatsworth House

Sculpture on the cascade at Chatsworth House

One of the most famous gardens in England due to having to of its most impressive water features the Cascade and the Emperor Fountain. There is much more to the gardens than these and you could easily spend a full day going around the gardens and still not see it all. When you do go round them it is important to bear in mind you are in fact seeing the present incarnation of the gardens as this has been the site of a grand garden since the Elizabethan times and is still being developed by the present owners. This long history of occupation by one family has seen a complex garden develop with parts from over four century of garden styles, helped by the sheer scale at over 100 acres. This scale means large features have room without anything over bearing the garden or its neighbouring features. Thus though the cascade though very large doesn’t in any way over shadow the garden and seen in context it is just one facet of the bigger picture.

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