Welcome to my website.

I hope you find the information in it helpful, it has be gathered over some 30 years working in and creating private gardens. I have split the information into pages:

Technique – covers how to undertake different activities in the garden from establishing a lawn to building a timber pergola. There are also sections providing advice on estimating materials and tips on gardening, debunking garden myths and an explanation of garden terms.

Inspiration – gives suggestions for garden to visit and how they fit together in a historical context.

Plants – gives details of specific garden plants.


This page proves a source of information on the practical aspects of creating and maintain a garden and is divided into sub-pages:

How To – range of articles which provide explanations of how to under take a wide range of tasks in the garden from pruning a rose bush all the way to constructing a timber pergola.

Tips – helpful snippets of information on estimating materials, general gardening tips and converting units.

Glossary – an explanation of various terms used in this website and in gardening generally.


We all need inspiration and what better place to look than other gardens.

Gardens – details of gardens both in the UK and abroad that I have visited,  and where to find them.

Time Line – places gardens and gardening in a historical context.


Gardens are all about plants and this section of the website is dedicated to them.  Initially I’ve put together a series of articles about specific plants and how they reached our gardens.

Plant Histories – details specific plants and how they made there way to our gardens.